Talks on Papua New Guinea mining, oil, gas projects in ‘very advanced stage’

Papua New Guinea PRIME Minister James Marape says the country will be in a position to know the status of the four mining, oil and gas projects before Sept 16.
Marape said discussions on the P’nyang gas project were in “a very advanced stage”.
The Government will relay in a letter to developing partners its position.
He said the Government was also in the process of advancing talks on the Pasca, Wafi Golpu and
Porgera projects.
“I’ll be releasing a letter to our partners in the P’nyang project stating our position as Government,” Marape said.
“We have already established that Pasca gas and oil fields outside Gulf will be advanced and we are working on advancing the Wafi Golpu project.
“Most of you will know that the Porgera lease has expired and the decisions the mining advisory council has taken.
“The case is before the court as far as Porgera is concerned.
“Our Government has advanced work as far as these four mining and oil and gas projects is concerned.
“Within the next three month, before we come to Sept 16, our country should be in a better position to know where we are as far as Porgera, P’nyang gas fields and Pasca and Wafi Golpu projects are concerned.”

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