PNG PM Marape assures job Security for Porgera Mine Workers

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape has urged all workers of Porgera Mine who are being laid off at this time that his government is working to restore their jobs at the earliest.

Marape on social media assured the workers that their loss of income will be compensated and they will be back working when the mine is opened.

He also urged all contractors of Porgere to “hang in there” because they will still be required.

The PM Marape also urged land owners of Porgera, that this is their moment and that they will sit on the table as greater free equity owners.

The Porgera mine is owned and operated by Barrick Niugini Limited. The company has warned that  the PNG  Government’s decision and the consequent suspension of mining operations could result in possible termination of the more than 3,600 direct employees; loss of work for over 1,000 contractor companies; loss of 1.5 MegaWatts power supply to Porgera communities, supplied free; no support for local institutions including Paiam Hospital and Porgera Development Authority; and immediate loss of tax revenue streams, royalties and equity distribution payments, which totalled more than K500 million in 2019, among others.

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