PNG Mineral Resources Authority told to Speed up Mine deal

Eastern Highlands Governor, Peter Numu is calling on Papua new Guinea Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) to speed up the Memorandum of Agreement review process.

Governor Numu made this call following landowner grievances from the Bilimoia Landowner Association last week in Kainantu, surrounding benefit for landowners.

Mr Numu said the landowners are frustrated because they have not received any form of benefit as landowners living in and around the vicinity of the K92 Mine.

He said the provincial government along with IPA and MRA helped the Bilimoia landowners to sort out the leadership issues among the clans but the holdup is with MRA to allow for them to sign a new MoA.

He said this was the reason why landowners have not been receiving their spin off benefits.

Mr Numu said because the mine is operated by a new mining company, an MOA must be signed and appeals to the MRA to set a convenient time so that all parties concerned can sign.

“MRA is delaying the province and the people of Kainantu, they are supposed to conduct a meeting because the leadership issue is settled and people are looking to get their share of benefits,” Mr Numu said.

“People are not happy that mining is taking place and they are not benefitting.”

“The provincial government raised K200, 000 to facilitate the signing of the MOA and we are still waiting for MRA to find time because the issue is now affecting many of the landowners,” he said.

Mr Numu said as governor of the province, he will ensure that the Kainantu people get the spin-off benefits and also become active shareholders as rightful landowners.

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