Papua New Guinea Ok Tedi Mine rotates Expat, National Staff

OK Tedi Mining Limited in Papua New Guinea  has commenced progressive rotation of its expatriate and national employees  including contractors to relieve crews who have been on site for the past eight weeks to keep the operations  running.
OMTL told this newspaper that the movement of personnel sta to and from site requires the approval of the  state-of-emergency controller.
“All inbound and outbound passengers travelling on our charter flights are required to do a health assessment  before being allowed to travel or resume work.
Inbound expatriate employees are placed in self isolation for 14 days on site as per the SOE orders.”
The company said it continues to maintain stringent measures on its operational sites including Tabubil town  to prevent Covid-19 entering the workforce and nearby communities.
“We continue to restrict commercial rights landing in Tabubil and general public travelling from Kiunga to  Tabubil during the SOE period.
We are supporting the National Department of Health Surveillance team to do Covid-19 testing in the
surrounding communities and our workforce and pleasingly to date there have been no further confirmed cases in Western Province since the three reported earlier by the SoE controller.”
OTML said the PCR results for these tests are expected to be available by the end of next week and if all return  negative OTML will review and ease some of its control measures but will continue to maintain social  distancing and safe hygiene practices, and wearing of masks on all company buses and aircraft.
“With our location near the border, protecting our workforce from the virus and maintaining safe operations  remains our main focus in order to support the national economy during these unprecedented times,” the  company said.

Post Courier/Pacific Mining Watch
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