Papua New Guinea's Ok Tedi Mine among the World's best

Papua New Guinea's Ok Tedi Mining Ltd is currently in the best quartile of international copper producers on a cash-cost basis and aims to continuously improve with the use of technology, chief executive and managing director Peter Graham says.
“Our focus at Ok Tedi Mining Ltd is value-creation, safety, and technology has a significant role to play in this regard,” he said.

“Using sophisticated mining software and value at risk analysis, Ok Tedi has been able to optimise pit design and maximise the value from the ore body while respecting environmental constraints and honouring the resource.
“We have been able to analyse thousands of cases to select the optimum with the result that the mine net present value has quadrupled since this work started in 2016.
“We are focused on improving safety, reducing cost, and improving productivity.
“Ok Tedi continues to pursue technology applications that make sense in our setting.
“Sophisticated equipment simulators are used for training of equipment operators.”
Graham said high-precision global positioning system (GPS) has been installed on major equipment such as shovels and drills.
“Data analytics allow us to monitor equipment and operator performance and diagnose issues and opportunities,” he said.
“A private LTE (long term evolution) network will shortly allow Ok Tedi to better monitor and safely control equipment flows in the mine.
“Ok Tedi uses radar to measure sub-millimeter movement in rock faces to monitor stability.”

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