Bougainville Toremana Mine Landowners Oppose Mine Opening

Teosirivi landowners of Tinputz in PNG's North Bougainville are against the exploration and mining of Toremana mine.
Chairman and spokesperson Judah Satui Aveinu told the Post- Courier that it is against the wishes of the  Teosirivi landowners which is made up of 19 clans from Kunua, Keriaka, Red River, Aita, Tinputz, Suir, Melelup  both inland and coastline areas for the minig exploration and actual production.  Teosirivi landowners share  the landmass of the proposed Mt Toremana in Tinputz, North Bougainville. Speaking on behalf of the Teosirivi  landowners. Mr Aveinu said they totally opposed the mining in Tinputz and condemn Toremana, an  incorporated land group that has been discussing exploration options at Tinputz with a Kalia Holdings Ltd  which claims to hold 75 per cent stake on the Tore Project. The landowners have opted to put a stop to any  move made by Kalia Holdings Ltd on their land. “Kalia will get license on our land which we totally oppose. We
will get the exploration license ourselves and not other third parties coming in to get license o our land,” Mr Aveinu said adding that the proposed option on exploration is doomed to fail since the majority of the  landowners strongly oppose the idea of exploration or mining. Mr Aveinu also warned Kalia Holdings’ partner  GB Energy Limited not to waste good money on ideas that are not feasible and viable. “GB Energy Ltd, we the  landowners don’t agree on the mining or exploration of Mt Toremana. Please don’t allow Kalia Holdings Ltd to  fool you. There’s no agreement with the landowners. We warn that you don’t trespass on our land; you must  refrain from listening to Kalia Holdings Ltd. We landowners are not happy. “Teosirivi Landowner Group want  Toremana to know that the license is not yours but for the white people. “Do not bring white people over to
spoil our land. The exploration or mining license is not yours, stop entertaining Kalia Holdings Ltd to come.
We’re going to protect our land,” Mr Aveinu said.  He called on ABG representatives not to become free riders  and must face the realities of how people are living, adding that people have suered too long and don’t want  to go through another suering again when inviting foreigners onto our land. “Some of the ABG  representatives are free riders, they don’t face the reality, and they don’t represent Bougainville. Stop making  decisions that will aect us again. We had enough of the conict and don’t want another conict again,” Mr Aveinu said. He called on the ABG Mining Oce to extend their program into the hinterlands and coastline of Tinputz and surrounding areas to gauge views from people and not to hold meetings at Kekesu.  However, in a  statement, Kalia Holdings, the parent company of PNG registered subsidiary Kalia Investments Ltd conrmed  signing a binding Deed of Agreement with Toremana Resources Ltd that provides for a joint venture with Kalia  holding 75 percent and Toremana 25 percent free carry through to production.  “Toremana is an approved
landowner organization under the Bougainville Mining Act 2015 comprised of seven local clans that represent  customary landowners in an area of approximately 1,800km square. Kalia has invested approximately  US$790,000 (K2.5 million) into the Tore project, involving extensive and ongoing awareness, reconciliation and  cleansing programs with local communities.” In June 2016, Bougainville’s House of Representatives passed a  motion asking the Autonomous Bougainville Government to lift the moratorium on mining.  The transaction  with Kalia seeks to ensure GB Energy Ltd is ready to explore in Bougainville if and when exploration licenses
are granted. The merger with Kalia will provide GB Energy Ltd with an exciting and unparalleled opportunity to  explore and assess copper and gold prospects within Bougainville. In joining a public company, Kalia will be  able to better deliver information to the public regarding the joint venture with Toremana. Kalia will also have  access to the nancial markets required for a project of this scope. GB Energy Ltd and Kalia thanked  customary landowners, their female chiefs and clansmen also the esteemed Members of the ABG, ministers,  members of Parliament and departmental ocers for their advice and  guidance.  Post Courier/PMW

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