Mining Companies in PNG Warned To Comply

All mining operators in the country must be compliant to PNG’s Mining and safety Act.

Mining Minister Johnson Tuke issued the warning on behalf of the government when speaking on the issue of the reopening of Ramu Nico’s Basamuk Refinery Plant.

Minister Tuke says the temporary shutdown of the mine was a wakeup call for Ramu Nico to comply with the country’s Mining and Safety Act which it failed to follow prior to the spill.

The one-week closure, according to the Minister, has forced the Chinese company to take immediate action to fix the problem which resulted in the slurry spill, and to further prevent any spill in the future.

On that note, he warned mining companies in the country to strictly adhere to PNG’s mining and safety act.

The Minister said: “We want all mining operators in Papua New Guinea to be compliant to our safety act. This is the authentic body that governs and guides all the mining operations. If we see that one company is not compliant, the Safety department of MRA should take full carriage on that.”

Mr Tuke added, “Ramu Nico did not comply so MRA’s mining inspectors have to close down the mine to advise them that what they are doing is not correct, they have to correct it, they have to acknowledge the authority, they have to give prominence to our safety act.”

MRA Managing Director Jerry Garry says other issues raised including environmental impacts falls within the jurisdiction of CEPA, and CEPA should take up the responsibility as it has its own penalties it can impose under the Environment Act 2000 and can apply it where and when they see fit.

Meantime, when queried about its investigation into the dead fish issue, a CEPA spokesperson told FM100 News, it will still continue into the fish tissues investigation at Basamuk and nearby areas.

It’s understood immediately after the slurry spill CEPA only did a water quality investigation fish which its findings resulted in CEPA announcing that the sea water is now okay to use but not to eat fish and other marine products until another investigation is conducted into fish tissues.

He says CEPA will also be meeting with the Madang Provincial Administrator today in Madang to present the findings of the initial marine water quality investigation results.

During the meeting with the Madang PA, CEPA will be discussing to resolve on an understanding with the Provincial Administration to work together on the issues and challenges faced now with the post slurry spillage situation and ongoing impacts investigations at Basamuk, Raicoast and wider Madang communities. FM 100

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