Chinese owned Ramu Nickel mine threatens legal action against Madang Provincial Govt

The Ramu Nickel Mine in Madang has threatened it will not hesitate to institute legal proceedings against the Madang Provincial Administration should the company suffer damages to its establishments and/ or employees, following reports of sightings of dead fish in the seas of Raikos, Madang, Sumkar and Bogia districts in the past weeks.

Community Affairs Manager for the company, Albert Tobe, expressed this yesterday in a meeting between the Madang Provincial Administration, the company, plus other government agencies, business houses and concerned residents of Madang Town as well as the local Bel people.

Mr Tobe said there are too many false reports and stories being circulated both in the mainstream media as well as the social media of fish dying as a result of the recent slurry overflow at Basamuk.

He said these stories have created fear amongst the people and they have stopped going out to sea to fish, as well as sell fish at the markets.

Such reports, he pointed out; have also led to the temporary ban on the selling and consumption of fish in the province, which was imposed last Friday by the Madang Provincial Administration.

Mr Tobe said some of the stories have also instigated anger amongst the general public that they could take out their frustrations on the company.

He said that should any such thing happen, the Madang Provincial Administration will be held liable.

Mr Tobe, meanwhile, also assured the general public in Madang that the Deep Sea Tailing Placement system, that Ramu Nickel Company uses to dump its wastes into the ocean off Basamuk is safe.

He told the meeting yesterday that the DSTP facility is monitored 24/ 7 by the company’s employees, and is not in any way a threat to the marine environment in the area.

Mr Tobe said the DSTP is not responsible for the dead fish that local people claimed they have been discovering in different locations.

NBC News - Anisah Issimel (Madang)

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