Previous O'Neill Govt failed Papua New Guineans in Solware 1 Project

The previous O'Neill Government has failed Papua New Guineans by investing around K325 million kina in the ‘failed’ Solwara 1 project.

This from the Alliance of Solwara Warriors which is made up of communities in the Bismarck and Solomon Seas fighting to ban “Sea Bed mining’ in the country and the Pacific.

Spokesman Jonathan Mesulam told NBC News, the Marape-Steven Government must now do the right thing by putting a ‘total ban on seabed mining’ in the country.

Mr. Mesulam says while they welcome the decision by the Government for a ten year moratorium, they fear the existing exploration and mining licenses will be used by other companies who wish to continue the project.

With the millions of kinas invested in this project, Mr. Mesulam says they are now calling on the new Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey to tell the people, how much more is outstanding that the Government is paying for the project.

Canadian company Nautilus Minerals was granted a license to mine PNG’s sea bed in 2011, with the then O’Neill led Government investing 15% or K325 million in the project– obtained through a loan from the Bank South Pacific.

NBC News/Pacific Mining Watch

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