PNG Govt working to address slurry spill incident at Ramu Nickel mine: Kama

Papua New Guinea Environment , Conservation and Climate Change Minister Geoffrey Kama says the Government is working to address the slurry spill incident Ramu nickel mine’s processing plant at Basamuk Bay in Madang.
Kama said these with respect to the ongoing concerns raised in the media regarding the incident that took place on Aug 24 at the mine’s Basamuk Bay processing plant.
He said the slurry spill comprising fine red clay material entered the waters of the bay and caused discolouration of the shoreline near the plant.
Kama said the discolouration had been diluted and the shoreline and waters near the plant were clear.
“Of course where this fine clay material sits as it settles through the water column and on the reefs is currently being investigated with a detailed report to be prepared and presented for the people and the country,” Kama said on Friday before heading to New York, US for the UN Assembly Meeting.
He said preventative measures had been implemented at the plant and thanked the Basamuk community for their resilience and understanding.
“Any discomfort caused to the community as a result of the spill incident is currently being addressed and any scientific facts and results will be announced as soon as a detailed report is completed.”
He said water samples collected from the site had been sent to Brisbane for analysis.
“Technical officers from Cepa (Conservation and Environment Protection Authority) will continue to monitor the situation in collaboration with the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).”
Kama assured the affected community and the country that the state was doing everything in its power to restore normalcy and ensure the people’s interest was put first. The National/PMW


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