Governor wants PNG Govt to make issue over Mine Spill

PNG's Chimbu Governor, Michael Dua, says the slurry spill from the Ramu Nickel mine at Basamuk the previous weekend is a very serious issue which the government must not take lightly.

He questioned the respective ministers of Mining and Environment to clearly establish the how poisonous the spill could be, adding the government must make an issue out of the spill.

Mining Mining, Johnson Tuke responded saying scientists from the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, CEPA, have already taken water samples from the affected area and sent them overseas for further testing to determine the damage caused.

Minister Tuke, says he has powers to close down a mine, but only if its operations has cost the lives of its workers.

He however says, if operations of the mine has caused damage to the environment, powers to close its operations would lie with the Minister for Environment.

NBC News /Pacific Mining Watch

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