PNG Mine gets notice to stop moving chromite

Papua New Guinea's MADANG’S Ramu nickel mine has been issued a notice to stop transporting chromite from the mine area in Kurumbukari to Lae for export.
The Madang government issued the notice to Ramu NiCo management last Thursday following concerns raised by locals who use the Yuriya River.
Madang acting deputy provincial administrator Markus Kachau said the notice issued was for the mine to stop transporting chromite until the Yuriya Bridge had been fixed by the Works Department.
Kachau said the trucks transporting chromite had direct contact with the chromite before leaving Kurumbukari for Lae and had chemicals on them and once they came in contact with water the chemicals would pollute the area.
Madang works manager Andrew Kendaura said they had created a bypass for vehicles to cross while the bridge was being fixed.
Kachau said other vehicles could use the bypass but trucks carrying chromite would be barred.
Mathew Yakai, on behalf of the Ramu NiCo, said they would adhere to the notice.
He said the mine had created a job opportunities for locals and was committed to building a good relationship with its development partners. Yakai, however, said having good communication and understanding to deliver the project was vital for the company and they needed to limit the stoppages to their operations.
Kachau said people’s health and welfare was the priority and the provincial government would do all it could to protect the people along the Yuriya river.
Kendaura said material had been brought in from Madang and Lae to fix the bridge. Statement/The national

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