Gas power station will help PNG Power save money

Switching by to the new gas-fuelled power station being developed by NiuPower outside Port Moresby is expected to save PNG Power Ltd K100 million annually.
NiuPower’s chief executive Richard Robinson said it would also reduce the adverse environmental impacts of power generation for Port Moresby.
Robinson said NiuPower was about 65 per cent complete with commissioning and testing programme happening in parallel with the finalisation of non-critical works like fencing, drainage and gravelling.
“We expect to be in a position to provide power to PNG Power Ltd on a commercial basis around the end of March this year,” he said.
“We will be supplying power into the PPL Port Moresby grid.
“This means, everywhere that is connected to the PPL Port Moresby grid, will be connected to the NiuPower Port Moresby power station.”
Robinson said there were still some non-critical finishing touches to be made to complete the NiuPower station.
“Our schedule to commence commercial operations has always been before the end of March 2019 and that remains on track,” he said.
NiuPower is a joint venture between Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd and Oil Search Ltd.
It is a corporation with two shareholders who each hold 50 per cent.
The shareholders are Kumul Energy Ltd, a subsidiary of Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited, and Oil Search Power Holdings Ltd, an Oil Search subsidiary.


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