Mori clears Chimbu limestone Project puzzle

THE Chimbu Limestone Project in Chuave is a national Government project, Commerce and Industry Minister Wera Mori says.
He was responding to comments raised by Chimbu Governor Michael Dua regarding the handling of the limestone project, both in the past and present.
“It will run under a new company that we have registered under the name Elimbari Lime and Cement Ltd,” Mori said.
He said they recently appointed Kohn Digan, a senior geologist in the country, as acting chief executive of Elimbari Lime and Cement Ltd. Mori said the project was structured in such a way that it would be run like a business with no political connotations.
“Elimbari Lime and Cement Ltd will be owned by the national Government in due cause and time through Kumul Consolidating Holdings as well as the Chimbu government, Chuave district and landowners from Mam and Duma,” he said.
Mori said under that arrangement, neither himself nor the three local level government councils in Chuave, Dua nor any other politicians would become directors or shareholders of the company.
“The board composition would be drawn from the provincial government, through the office of the provincial commerce division which will look after the interest of the provincial government,” he said.
“The Chuave district, which comprises of three local level government councils, will be represented by the district administrator.
“The landowners are going to be represented by their own landowner companies of the Mam and Duma people.”
Mori said the Government had released K5 million for the project.

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