PNG Petroleum Minister clears air on the K3m vetting funds

The decision to park the K3 million for landowner identification process with Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited was a decision of the PNG Government and the National Executive Council, Minister for Petroleum Dr Fabian Pok said.

Mr Pok said Kumul Petroleum Holding Limited manages more than K200 million and what is compared to the K3 million raised on the social media by self vested individuals.
He said he specifically brought the submission to NEC to avoid abuse and misuse of funds when parked with the department after more than K30 million for Landowner Beneficiary identification processes (LoBiD).

Minister Pok said all landowner beneficiary identification process have been done but the only project areas yet to be identified are Hides PDL 1, PDL 7 and Juha PDL 9 projects.

He said for the first time KPHL MD Wapu Sonk and MRDC MD Augustine Mano will be part of the landowner identification team so allow the landowners to benefit from the equity and royalties from the PNG LNG project.

Kumul Petroleum Holding Limited Managing Director Wapu Sonk said the NEC approved for KPHL to manage the K3m for landowner beneficiary identification process.

He said so far the Landowner beneficiary identification processes have been concluded for all the pipeline segments from Kido in Central to Hides, and Beneria while Hides PDL 1, 7 and Juha PDL 9 remains to be completed.
Mr Sonk said the same money was used for all legal work to defend DPE and the state against various landowners groups that had gone to court to take out injunction against each other as well as DPE.

He said the balance is still with KPHL to complete the LoBiD and KPHL is committed to further support to ensure completion of the Government program.

“As for procument of services, the DPE Secretary remains custodian of the funds and payment is done by KPHL and record is kept upon satisfactory compliance of procurement guidelines.

He said the department under former Secretaries struggled to do the LoBiD work since 2009 after signing the UBSA and LBBSA agreement and spent K30m so those people in DPE need to take stock of their internal public funds control management issues and that is why NEC has decided because of the corruption in DPE

Secretary for Petroleum and Energy Kepsy Puiye said things had been done through the transparent established process of KPHL and people were only trying to destroy the reputation of people.

He added that clan vetting has been put on hold because of the disagreement that arose after the K35 million paid to the landowners were not shared properly. Next :

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