Ramu NiCo management lauds MRA’s technical expertise

Papua New Guinea RAMU NiCo Management (MCC) Ltd has benefited enormously from Mineral Resources Authority’s’ (MRA) technical advice and guidance in the past.
The only nickel and cobalt mine developer in the country acknowledged that since its inception in 2006, MRA had provided prudent technical and policy advises and guidance as a first Chinese miner in the country.
He said assistance on the part of the regulator has been testament to the Project’s success today.
Chairman of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC), Zong Shao Xing and president of Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Gao Yong Xue acknowledged the support from MRA under the former managing director Philip Samar when congratulating him for a successful four year term with MRA.


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