Ramu NiCo records high production

Ramu NiCo is looking forward to positive production in 2018 following its high records in 2017.
The company produced a total of 35,100 tons of nickel last year using improved management standard and production stabilisation including careful safety management and operational compliances
“This is an average of 107.7 per cent and yearly plan completion rate of 106.4per cent, which is a 57 per cent year on year increase.
“Ramu NiCo has now become an industrial benchmark for reaching production capacity and reducing production cost,” President Gao Yongxue announced during the company’s 2018 annual working conference.
He said economical and technical standards have been met with nickel recovery rate at more than 90 per cent on average, 2.3 per cent higher than the 2017 and cobalt recovery rate at more than 80 per cent, 2.0 per cent higher than last year contributing to increase of 903.9 ton of nickel and 75.3 ton of cobalt.
“Unit cost has also been reduced significantly due to breakthroughs made in cost control measures.
“Nickel and cobalt grade in mix hydroxide product improved, moisture content is further lowered, contributing to cost reduction,” he said.
He said other factors that contributed towards the production success and cost reduction includes equipment management, production stabilisation, improved scientific and technical innovation, risk control management, markets security and management optimisation and cost reduction.
Mr Yongxue urged employees to work together to ensure the project reaches a much improved production output and low costs operation.


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