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Multi-cultural training a focus, says Ramu NiCo Mine president

THE Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) has set training as one of its major tasks for this year.
It will pay special attention to training for its employees with different cultural background, knowledge and skills, said MCC President Gao Yongxue said during the company’s annual work conference this year recently.
The conference was simultaneously attended to via video conferencing in Kurumbukari mine, Basamuk refinery, Madang base and the Beijing office in China.
Yongxue said the training was an issue that concerned both the Papua New Guinea government and locals in the impacted areas.
He said the company would firstly need to promote the establishment of a training system in accordance with the award and training plan.
The company should establish and perfect the assessment system and training team, and strengthen the training for national employees.
Yongxue said the Basamuk refinery should strengthen the competency training in terms of process, maintenance and mobile equipment operation.
He said Kurumbukari Mine should establish the training platform and promote the training system, and give priority to the training of heavy equipment operation.
Yongxue said the company must implement the training target, personnel and effectiveness in practice.
Theoretical training and assessment should be based on classroom learning, and practical training should be focused on site operations. The National

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