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PNG's Ramu NiCo steps up to improve staff welfare

THE Ramu NiCo employees in Papua New Guinea  will benefit from a new industrial award recently signed between the management and the Ramu NiCo Allied Workers Union.
The award, signed on Jan 5 in Madang, is expected to improve the welfare of employees, create an open working environment for them and contribute to their career development through training and up-skilling.
Company vice-president Wang Baowen said the signing was a milestone in working closely with employees.
“The award will provide the company a steady and sustainable environment for improving production and standardising internal management,” he said.
“The signing is a big success for us to improve the conditions of our employees while encouraging a prudent and effective project management.
“Our employees are the pillar of our production. Having a vibrant management that serves the interest of the project will enable a successful project operation.”
The award will be registered and filed with the Labour Department as the document covers all aspects of Ramu NiCo’s management issues with legal effect. The Industrial Award 2018 came into effect on Jan 1, 2018, and is valid until Dec 31, 2020 or replaced by a new award.
“The collective bargaining agreement covers the responsibilities of the company and the union with detailed stipulations on safety management, PPE policies, drug and alcohol testing policies, probationary periods, annual leave and long service leave, salary grades, dispute resolution procedures, employee insurance, skills upgrading and training,” Ramu NiCo management said. The National/PMW
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