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OilSearch records high safety perfomance

Oilfield service company operating in PNG, High Arctic Energy Services was pleased to report that it did not have a single recordable safety incident in its PNG operations in 2017.
It made a commitment 10 years ago to a quality program based on the idea that doing it right the first time means it will be safe every time.
High Arctic works for the world’s top oil and gas companies often in some of the most difficult operating and logistical areas.
Top quality operations, logistics and safety are the reasons the corporation has been able to maintain these clients, increase its market share and maintain high equipment utilization rates.
On August 24, 2017, High Arctic’s PNG operations reached the outstanding milestone of achieving a total recordable incident case frequency rate of zero. This meant during the rest of 2017 High Arctic’s PNG operations worked over 600,000 man hours without a significant injury to any of its people and not one person needed medical treatment or missed work, because of a workplace incident.
Many companies have aspirational zero targets for safety. In 2017 High Arctic actually achieved this target in its PNG operations which is now 16 months recordable incident free.
“I am very proud of the way our people have embraced our safe work initiatives, consistently demonstrating a commitment to each other, and working to improve their skills. As an organisation, we value the opportunity we have been afforded to enable this to occur,” said president, Mike Maguire.
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