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PNG Ramu NiCo payments on card

ABOUT 200 bank account have been opened for Ramu NiCo landowners with royalty payments expected to be deposited there early next year.
“Despite all the challenges and difficulties, we are happy to share with you that up till now, approximately 200 bank accounts have been created with Bank South Pacific (BSP) for the immediate landowners of the Ramu Nickel Project,” Ramu NiCo vice-president Wang Baowen said.
“We have completed all necessary preparatory work for the landowners to receive your very first royalty payment for this project.
“My engagement with Ramu NiCo over the last 10 years has prepared me well in understanding and cooperating with project stakeholders, especially landowners.”
He said Ramu NiCo would continue to help landowners benefit from the project.
“Ramu NiCo Project is located in one of the most remote and undeveloped parts of Madang Province, so we feel obligated to bring much needed infrastructure such as roads and bridges, school and health facilities in the vicinity of the project,” Baowen said. The National
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