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PNG's Gulf government to work with Twinza to sort out benefits

THE Gulf government will work with Twinza Oil (PNG) Ltd and the government to sort out benefits for the province.
Twinza is the operator of the offshore gas field Pasca A.
Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta, pictured, said the provincial government would not like to repeat mistakes made in previous projects.
“Let me on behalf of Gulf, thank Twinza. The company has worked very closely with the provincial government in the last two years, and have reached an understanding on how this relationship will progress into the future,” Haiveta said.
“I welcome the flaring that took place (on Saturday) and would like to thank Twinza and the minister (for Petroleum).
“The province, from the lessons it has learnt from the PNG LNG project, we’ll be having robust discussions with the State and Twinza on DMO (domestic market obligation).
Haiveta said the project should proceed without delay.
“I would urge the Minister and the Government that if the gas template agreement is not ready then let’s proceed with this development under the existing regime,” he said.
“The country certainly needs investment and our province needs all the help it can get.
“Twinza, myself and the Government will work in a meaningful way to bring this to production in the timeframe.
“We the provincial government commit ourselves to working with the Government and Twinza to make the Pasca field development a reality.”  The National
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