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Pasca A Gas field tested Successfully

THE Pasca A gas field in Gulf, Papua New Guinea  was successfully tested on Saturday by Twinza Oil (PNG) Ltd.
This was the first flaring after its initial testing 48 years ago was unsuccessful.
Twinza managing director Huw Evans said it was a milestone for the company as there was indication that the field was rich in gas condensate.
“I had the pleasure of taking the Petroleum and Energy Minister and secretary offshore to witness the flaring,” he said.
“A very rich gas condensate came from the field which will underpin what we hope to be the first offshore development in the Gulf of Papua.
“This is a progress that we have made since 2011 when we signed the licence.
“With the help of the minister and the department and related stakeholders, we will see a project development be granted at the end of March of next year which could be lead to the first production activity at the end of 2020.
“Project development will involve a field production platform and some of those production will go into the domestic market.”
Petroleum Minister Fabian Pok thanked the company for having confidence in investing in a project of such nature.
“On behalf of the Government and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, we would like to thank the company for having the confidence in this country to invest in an offshore field where sometimes back, there was a blow out when somebody tried to drill and they may have thought there was no condensate or gas in that area,” he said.
“Today, we saw the flaring. We are ready to help Twinza develop the project. This is the first offshore drilling (in the country) and so far it had proven to be successful.”
The project would cost about US$250 million (K786.37 million). The National
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