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Panguna Mine a sensitive issue

The issue of Panguna Mining is a very sensitive issue that deals with land owners, says the Member for Haku following yesterday’s presentation of paper on Mining in Bougainville by vice President and Minister for Mining Raymond Masono.
As a ministry, they should do something positive in terms of Panguna because of the landowner issues which are of utmost priority, says the Member for Haku.
He says that the landowners are major stake holders who are the key to reopening of Panguna Mining.
Speaking in regard to the priorities of the Government outlined by the President during his inaugural speech, the Member specifically stressed on unification in Bougainville. He says that the Government must continue to embrace the leaders of the mine despite of situations because through unification they can contribute to the processes of reopening of the mine.
He is concerned that the National Government, who is also a shareholder of Panguna Mine, might be ahead of ABG by setting links with the landowners. DawnFM
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