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Stop Deep Sea Bed Mining in Papua New Guinea's Bismarck Sea

Bismarck Sea by Canadian (Toronto) listed company "Nautilus" using U.K. built seabed abrasive mining machines.
These Abrasive UK Built Machines have just arrived at Port Moresby. They will Indiscriminately scrape off the deep sea bottom near vents in the Greed for Gold in the Bismarck Sea of Papua New Guinea (small Pacific island country north of Australia and East of Indonesia)
The two main shareholders are:
MB Holding Company LLC - 27% (owned by Omani billionaire Mohammed Al Barwani) and
Metaloinvest Holding - 15% (owned by Russian billionaire and oligarch, Alister Usmanov)
- Two other shareholders are Anglo American based in the UK and Lowes, a hotel chain in the US
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