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Call on contractors in PNG to submit cost for oil spill probe

SOME contractors have shown interest in carrying out an independent assessment on the oil spill in Port Moresby in April, an official says.
Pawa Limu, who is heading the government team assessing the oil spill, said some contractors had already submitted their costs for the work. Limu, the Marine Environment Protection manager with the National Maritime Services Authority, said others had shown interest but were yet to submit their costs.
“We have advised them to provide their costs. Once that is done, we will have to send them to Puma Energy (who is funding the investigations). That is the situation at the moment,” he said.
Puma Energy had reported the oil spill on April 25.
The state team consists of the NMSA, Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, Department of Labour and Industrial Relations (Occupational Health and Safety) and PNG Ports Limited.
Limu said the state agencies agreed earlier that an independent consultant be engaged to conduct an investigation on the oil spill.
“We have not yet identified any reputable oil spill consultant. The report will be made available once the consultant is identified and the report submitted to the state agencies and Puma Energy,” Limu said.
Puma Energy said a subsea hose connected to the pipeline which fed its Kanudi terminal facility had a 30cm split which resulted in the oil spill. The National
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