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PNG Lihir Gold presents 3-year plan to dept

THE Lihir Gold Limited has presented its three-year training plan to the Department of Labour and Industrial Relations in compliance with obligations under the mine development contract.
A company statement said the plan was put together in eight weeks and includes the cost of training (2014-2017), training data (2014-2017), training undertaken (2014-2017), training priorities and needs for the company (2017-2020), HIV AIDS policy, apprenticeship training and trades test entries.
The reporting criteria under the plan remains the same. But as Newcrest’s training priorities have changed, this means that the training programmes will also change to meet business priorities.
The plan reported on the NewSafe Leadership Programme and the coaching for the High Performance Programmes.
The National Training Council Policy (1989) in accordance with the National Training Council Act (1991).
It requires employers to submit a three-year training plan for the development of human resources in the country.
Henry Aika, Kevin Kalis and Roger Giaruva from NTC, Micah Vele from the Independent Fellowship Scheme and Billy Buiri from the National Apprenticeship and Trade Testing Board received the plan on the behalf of the department.
The National
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