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Ramu NiCo prepares training modules for 2017

BASAMUK refinery’s training and development department of Ramu NiCo Management is preparing various training modules this year tailored according to competency levels.
This was pointed out by the Basamuk refinery training and development officials Kamas Nisarap, Johnathan Karato and Lawrence Waiman.
Basamuk’s training and development deputy general manager, Philip Allcorn said the training would be tailored according to individual staff competency levels.
He said the department would further develop role based training plans with priority given to internal training.

“Our focus this year is on building foundation skills in the trades and process operation groups, with emphasis on safety principles and elements built into all training packages,” Allcorn said.
“Our dedicated team is currently fast tracking the development of training elements on which we can build a high level of competency in our national workforce.”
According to the company, the competency skills training would complement the company plan to provide effective training to its national employees.

The focus on training was encouraged by the company president Gao Yongxue during his address at its annual work conference for 2017 recently.
Yongxue encouraged relentless learning and emphasised that the management, technical personal and key operators be fully trained on aspects including legislation, policy and techniques by combining internal and external training.
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