K92 Mining in PNG announces drilling results

K92 Mining has announced high grade results results from the ongoing grade drilling at its high grade Kainantu Gold Mine in Papua New Guinea.

The mine is currently ramping up towards commercial production.

The company says the latest results are from the ongoing campaign of close spaced underground diamond drilling which is part of a comprehensive grade control strategy commenced in September 2016.

Results from ongoing drilling include

4.4m at 12.67 grams per tonnes (g/t) Gold (Au) plus 2m at 5.14 g/t Au, plus 0.8m at 41.6 g/t Au in hole GCDD0022
2.7m at 26.54 g/t Au in hole GCDD0023
2.3m at 15.04 g/t Au in hole GCDC0027
3m at 18.46 g/t Au plus 3m at 19.82 g/t Au in hole GCDD0028
6.1m at 9.87 g/t Au plus 2.2m at 10.34 g/t Au plus 1m at 9.41 g/t Au in hole GCDD0029
2m at 23.12 g/t Au in hole GCDD0036
K92 says the current grade control results are from an area of the Irumafimpa Deposit which will be mined in the coming six months and is designed to bring a high degree of confidence to the production planning and scheduling.

The closed space drilling pattern of approximately 15 metres by 15 metres has significantly increased the confidence in this previously sparsely drilled area, with almost every hole recording high grade intersections.

Ian Stalker, K92 Chief Executive Officer and Director, says, "The continuing high grade results we are seeing from our grade control drilling provide us with increasing confidence in both the continuity and the high grade nature of the Irumafimpa system.

“As in previous drilling, there is also evidence of multiple parallel high grade veins within close proximity to each other, providing the potential for several veins to be mined from the same underground access. The number of these high grade results along with previous drilling results, are perhaps indicative of our internal high grade cut being too aggressive,” he said.

Stalker added “It is also good to note the consistency of these results, as we near the commencement of the internal underground drilling campaign designed

to test the undrilled area between this Irumafimpa ore body, and the Kora orebody." Source: LoopPNG
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