Total showcases study findings

THE Total Exploration and Production (E&P) PNG Limited has showcased findings of environment report for the second biggest liquefied natural gas project in Gulf Province.

The disclosure of the Environment Inception Report (EIP) and the consultation organized at the Taurama Aquatics Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday this week in Port Moresby aims at gauging views of government agencies, civil society organizations and local institutions, clearly evidencing a broad stakeholder consultation which is part of the official approval process.

Road show will continue in the Gulf Province, focusing on the project area of influence and the provincial capital of Kerema.

Developer of Papua LNG, Total E&P PNG Limited Managing Director, Philippe Blanchard said the company is committed to open communication and disclosure of this information which has been organized in a way that promotes active dialogue and stakeholder participation.

He said the company submitted EIR to Conservation and Environment Protection Authority (CEPA) on October this year was the first step in the process towards obtaining an environment permit for the Papua LNG project associated to PRL 15 license.

Mr Blanchard explained that the EIR provides a general description of the proposed project, articulates knowledge of the existing environmental and social conditions in the project area (Gulf and Central Province), identifies and informs the scope of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) studies made to address Papua LNG project potential impacts.

He said more than 30 specialist studies are carried out by scientists from ERIAS Group (contractor in charge of the EIS) over a two (2) year period and in collaboration with Papua New Guinean experts from various organizations including Binatang Research Centre, Institute of Biological Research, Forest Research Institute and the University of Papua New Guinea.

He said the findings of the EIS will be incorporated into the overall project design.

He pointed out that scientific knowledge of Purari region is limited, hence Total E&P PNG Limited’s commitment to enhance it by understanding the environmental and social conditions of the areas covered by the Papua LNG Project.

Since taking over of the operatorship of PRL-15 license on August 1, 2015, Total E&P PNG Limited has maintained a continuous engagement with all stakeholders. For example in 2016 more than 194 interactions with stakeholders took place, involving more than 3000 people in addition to 52 public meetings. Sunday Chronicle
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