Samoa's Environment Ministry denies sand mining scandal

Samoa's Environment Ministry is disputing claims sand mining on the south coast of Upolu is causing erosion.

The Samoa Observer reports some residents believe the removal of truckloads of sand from some areas is an environmental scandal that has to stop.

But the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Chief Executive Suluimalo Amataga Penaia says the sand mining underway now has been permitted and will enable the building of a seawall.

"If you understand how they construct seawalls, they have to remove the sand, put in the rocks, make sure the rocks sits properly so that's the extra sand they just take it to use. And hopefully putting u,p that seawall will actually alleviate these issues of erosion."

Mr Penaia said there may have been problems before when the company Lady Elizabeth Constructions was working with villages to construct an access road.

Radio New Zealand
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