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Tests reveal promising Antelope reserve in PNG

 TESTS conducted at Antelope 5 of the Papua LNG project area last month have been completed, InterOil says.
The company in a market release stated that the well flowed at an average of 53.3 million standard cubic feet gas per day (mmcfd) measured through a 48/64” choke for 14 days and then shut-in for over 14 days to record subsequent pressure build-up while majority of the stabilised flow occurred on a 48/64” choke at a rate of approximately 57 mmcfd.
Downhole pressure gauges have been successfully retrieved from both Antelope-5 and Antelope-1 (observation well) and data has been extracted for analysis.
Preliminary analysis has confirmed the excellent reservoir quality and connectivity seen in the initial Antelope-5 production test conducted in mid-2015.
The forward plan is to undertake further analysis to quantify nearby reservoir properties.
Meanwhile, during the same month, 9-5/8” liner was run to the top reservoir, four cores were cut from upper section of the reservoir and intermediate logs were run.
The four cores were cut over an interval of 2268 to 2330 meters measured depth from rotary table (MDRT) and the well reached a depth within the reservoir section of 2330 meters (MDRT).
Preliminary interpretation shows approximately 12 meters of dolomite is present in the drilled section.
It was decided to conduct an intermediate, multi-rate flow test over an interval from 2264 to 2330 meters MDRT in the target interval.
A final stabilised flow rate of approximately 13 mmcfd was obtained over a 24 hour period, measured through a 40/64” choke.
The well is currently shut-in for pressure build-up.
Once testing is complete, it is planned to drill through the gas-water-contact to a proposed total depth of approximately 2650 meters MDRT and then run a full suite of wireline logs and once logs have been obtained, a decision be made.
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