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Woman heads oil, gas company

A WOMAN from Western has become the first chairperson of the oil and gas landowner company Stanley Petroleum Limited.
Betty Wine from Grehosore village in the Ningerum Local Level Government gave up her nursing career to help her people form the landowner company.
She is in charge of the five major clans and 29 sub-clans in the Petroleum Development License 10.
“I took on the responsibility because I have land which was being developed and my people needed my assistance so I gave up my nursing career,” Wine said.
“I brought the 29 sub-clans together and we decided to form the landowner company. 
“The people appointed me to be the chairlady of Stanley Petroleum Limited.
“My people trusted me to speak on their behalf because I am the only educated person with good communication skills in my area.
“If I can manage the hospital and serve one patient, then I can serve the company too. 
“It’s a very challenging job but I’m managing.
“Usually this is a man’s job but I’m happy with the landowners because they appointed me and given me the mandate to run the company.” 
She graduated from the Rumginae School of Nursing in 1986.
When Horizon started developing the area in November 2010, she left her nursing to help the people because the PD was in her area.
Her family owns about 72,000 hectares of land on which the PDL 10 was being developed.
“I have taken up this challenge to fight for the rights of my people.
“I will continue because we are in need of basic services,” she said.
Wine said since the first developer Horizon started work after the signing of the benefit sharing agreement in May 2014, the people had not received any funding assistance.
She promised to serve her people well. 

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