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Oil Search: Gas appraisal plugged, abandoned

 GAS appraisal at Antelope 4 ST1 at the PRL (Petroleum Retention License) 15 in Gulf, one kilometre south-southeast of Antelope 2, has been plugged and abandoned, according to Oil Search.
Managing director Peter Botten said the objective of the gas appraisal was to conform the structure, reservoir continuity and the quality in the southern portion of the field.
Bottoe said: “As planned, during the month, the Antelope 4 ST1 well was plugged and abandoned with operations completed on the 23rd of December last year.”
He said the mobilization of Rig 103 to PPL (Petroleum Prospecting License) 269 (operated by Talisman Niugini, OSH 10 percent) to dig the Strickland exploration well has now commenced. He said gas appraisal at Antelope 6 which was located two kilometres east southeast of Antelope 3 at PRL 15 in Gulf, was completed.
“During December, rigging up at High Arctic Rig 115 was completed at the Antelope 6 location,” Botten said.
“Drilling commenced on Dec 23 with the well reaching a depth of 512 metres by the end of the month. The well has a planned total depth of approximately 2650 metres.”
He said the objective of the appraisal of the Antelope 6 was to provide a structural control and reservoir definition on the eastern flank of the field.
The operator of the Papua LNG  is Total with 40 per cent interest.
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