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PNG has world's best drilling technology

THE country has the world’s best drilling technology to access gas to create liquefied natural gas, according to High Arctic Energy Services board chairman Michael Binnion.
He told The National that Papua New Guinea was well-positioned to benefit from the huge cost-effective resource base.
Binnion, who recently attended the mining conference in Port Moresby, in a briefing with Petroleum and Energy Minister Nixon Duban said Papua New Guinea had built an LNG (liquefied natural gas) plant on time.
“What a big accomplishment it is that PNG is able to work with some of the top providers of services in the world’s top companies, to be able to do something that many of the countries haven’t been able to do at all,” he said.
“When you look at it – from drilling the well to selling the LNG – that whole supply chain is something that citizens should be proud of.
“We are among the top in the world
“PNG is ahead of Canada.  They have a two-train LNG facility.   Eighty-five per cent of our company’s business is done in the country.
“So certainly it’s a big piece of our business and we feel that over the past nine years, we have certainly been contributing to nation building in PNG.
“PNG has a lot to be proud of, you have the world’s best LNG technology.
“As Minister Duban said  the country has arrived on the world stage as a world-class producer of LNG, and world-class drilling technologies.
“We’ve got the top safety records in the whole of the Australian-Asian sector.
“This is all done with the top safety records with the training and participation of workers at some of the technical jobs.”
Duban acknowledged the firm saying it had done well as the leading drilling company.
“With high safety standards, it will be the drilling firm of the future,” Duban said.
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