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Ramu Mine supplies 8000 litres of waste oil

 RAMU NiCo Management Ltd says its Kurumbukari mine is supplying around 8000 litres of waste oil generated from the mine plant to Ramu Agri Industries Ltd (RAIL) every week.
The company said this was made possible by an agreement between the parties on January 20.
The agreement which was effected on August 3, so far as seen more than 60,000 litres of waste oil transported to RAIL.
The supply of waste oil provides Ramu NiCo the opportunity to manage the hazardous material as required under the Operational Environment Management Plan approved by the Conservation Environment and Protection Authority on September 7.
“Waste oil management falls within the hazardous materials that formed part of 20 sub-plans to minimise potential environment impacts,” the company said.
Th company said they use ISO trucks to transport waste oil.
“Ramu NiCo uses a truck to transport six ISO containers of 6000 litres and a three-ton truck transporting two ISO containers of 2000 litres totalling up to 8000 litres per week.  “ISO containers are required under the agreement.
“The vehicles are escorted by the site Emergency Response Team equipped with all necessary safety gears and equipment in-case of spillage or accident.
“Most of the waste oils are generated by the diesel power plant generators, pumps, heavy machineries and other installations.
“Before the agreement, various waste lubricants were put in the drums and stored in the safety warehouse on site.”
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