New gas product to hit market

Papua New Guineans will now be able to afford a new Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) product which is 10 per cent cheaper than the rival products.

This new LPG product is one of Puma Energy’s achievements in refining the Kutubu natural gas onshore and selling it in the markets locally, which will also give competition in the existing market.

Puma Energy general manager Walter Canova said at the product launch on Wednesday that Puma Energy is now looking at refining natural gas into gasoline that will go into the market soon.

Mr Canova said that this is also a new business the company has introduced that will go into the market to boost the local economy.

"It’s all about turning this local export into a product of beneficiary for the people. This will also add value to the business, especially when it is more efficient and safer in the market for consumers," he said.
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