Central leaders want Tolukuma Mine MOA reviewed

Political leaders of Central Province have resolved to have the Tolukuma Mine MOA reviewed before the actual operation of the mine.

This move was supported at the Central Provincial Assembly meeting last week.

Three parliamentary leaders of the province, Governor Kila Haoda, Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and Goiala’s William Samb, however, snubbed the signing ceremony between the developer Asi Dokona Mining Petroleum Limited and Petromin Holdings at the Petroleum Office last week Wednesday. The signing between both parties was a formality in agreeing to the sales shares agreement between Petromin Holdings Limited and the Singapore firm.

Woitape LLG president Joe Geru during the assembly meeting said that the MOA should be reviewed by Petromin Holdings, the Central Provincial Government, the developer and the landowners, prior to any operation of the mine.

"Since the mine was taken over by Petromin Holdings, my people have not benefited and that is why I am asking that the MOA be reviewed for the benefit of my people," Mr Geru said.

Mr Isoaimo backed Geru’s comments and urged the developer to resolute on better alternatives to dispose of its mine tailings.

"For over 25 years since the establishment of the Tolukuma mine, my people of Kairuku, especially people living along the Angabanga and Apanaipi rivers, have been affected by the polluted water," Mr Isoaimo said. He said the MOA needed a close consultation and review before finalising any agreement with the developer.

Governor Haoda said there should have been consultation with the Central Provincial Government before an agreement was reached with the new developer.

"Our decision not to attend the signing ceremony was done in the best interest of the people of Central Province," he said.
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