Niugini Gold has positive outlook

DESPITE a slow start to its operations Niugini Gold Mining (NGM), a subsidiary of the Papindo Group of Companies, is keen on making revenue for the country.

NGM business consultant Allan Bird said this during the final day of the 2nd PNG Alluvial Mining Convention in Lae yesterday.

Mr Bird said despite the setbacks the company had encountered in getting the nod to operate its mining activities in the Wau-Bulolo area, the future looks promising for the firm.

"We haven’t made any money yet, but we are confident that our operations will turn out successful with the life span of other mining sites winding down," Mr Bird said.

"Our experiences in successfully obtaining necessary approvals from relevant authorities serves as an encouragement for others alluvial miners to learn from," he added.

Mr Bird further stressed that Papindo, the firm’s umbrella company, has been directing its services to suit the needs of grassroots people and it will continue to do so with the mine.

"There have been challenges that the firm has gone through in obtaining environmental permits and the mining lease.

"The experience is one that many medium to large scale mining operators would agree to as tiresome, but following doing things formally has led us this far," Mr Bird said.

It was suggested that the current proforma documents relating to mining leases under the new act needs to be reviewed.

Mr Bird urged the Mineral Resources Authority to make efforts to have avenues in place to assist local firms who wish to do business in the mining sector.

"We already have plans underway to improve our alluvial mining methods for the lease holders and we are looking forward to up-scaling the mine," he confirmed.

"We have already established mutual partnerships between all stakeholders and land owners and we are set to have all operations commence in the coming months," he added.
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