Australian construction firm to set up office in PNG

AUSTRALIAN infrastructure firm Global Road Technology Company will be opening their new facility including a high-tech geotechnical laboratory and engineering service in PNG.

The need to create another PNG office in the country is to handle increasing demands of more developments taking shape.

GRT managing director Troy Adams revealed this information during his recent visit to their project site at the InterOil Napa Napa refinery on Tuesday.

He said that the laboratories will help mining, construction and development companies to save time and money by analysing soil samples that is crucial for engineering projects within a world-class facility in PNG.

Mr Adams said their expansion in the country will also create an increase in local job opportunities as well as reduce the health impact on local residents from airborne dust coming from road and construction projects.

"Everyone in PNG knows the significant damage weather can cause to dirt roads, but our polymers bind these surfaces together to create hard-wearing, durable roadways, immune to the problematic potholes and wash-outs caused by heavy rains," he said.

Mr Adams said that in a joint effort with multinational companies and local and National Governments, GRT is working to alleviate these issues, with the use of this specialised product that reduces the need for water in construction and maintenance, while reducing airborne dust.

"Community engagement is a core pillar of GRT’s business, and with this in mind, we are committed to the engagement, training and employment of locals during our expansion into PNG," he said.

Meanwhile once the multimillion projects underway in Napa Napa oil refinery is completed, the team will be moving ahead to work on a different sites, this time with Oil Search Limited.

He said: "We are not here to compete with other road construction companies such as Dekenai or Shorncliffe.

"Basically we are a product supplier company who are willing to educate, assist and support the established road contractors in the country."
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