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Alluvial mining steady

THE alluvial mining sector produced 119,000 ounces of gold with a K373 million export revenue last year and hopes to achieve the same this year despite the fall in gold prices, an official says.
Mineral Resources Authority executive manager (regulatory operations division) Roger Gunson said the production was more than the Simberi mine and slightly less than Hidden Valley mine production.
Morobe Governor Kelly Naru was impressed by the alluvial mining sector’s contribution to the economy while opening an alluvial mining convention and trade show in Lae this week.
“Alluvial mining is the source that measures the income and livelihoods of ordinary landowners involved in the activity,” he said.
“I am pleased to note that by law, alluvial mining is meant to be operated exclusively by rural villagers (but) it has contributed immensely to the national economy.”
Naru said although alluvial mining was mainly in Bulolo, he had a fair knowledge of its activities, how much the miners earned.
“Therefore villagers must take ownership and operate according to the law because it also enhances the small-to-medium enterprises sector,” he said. He gave K10,000 to the conference and encouraged villagers and landowners to listen to what the MRA told them.
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