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Team from Newcrest Lihir trains for mining challenge

A CONTINGENT from Newcrest Lihir has been undergoing intensive training for over four weeks in preparation for the national mining emergency response challenge to be held in Madang this week.  
First time participant Raylyne Tsiktana described the emergency response challenge as an opportunity to develop her personal skills and her ability to work in a team.
“While it is a competition, we see it as a way to develop our skills in emergency response,” Tsiktana said.
“It should contribute towards maintaining our general fitness and wellbeing and motivate us to work together as a team in supporting safety in the workplace.”
Newcrest Lihir general manager Craig Jetson, who is expected to be in Madang, said he was proud of their commitment.
“Lihir has gone from fielding one team in the first challenge to two teams again this year with an all-women and all-men side, an outcome that we as an operation are very proud of,” Jetson said.
“I am particularly pleased that all our competitors are keen promoters of healthy living which is integrated into our occupational health and safety programs for both employees and the community at Lihir.”
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