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Nautilus: Impact on environment will be minimal

CANADIAN Miner Nautilus Minerals Inc has assured the environmental footprint of its Solwara-1 project will be minimal.
The assurance was given by Nautilus chief executive officer Mike Johnston while giving a project update towards production of this deep sea mine in 2018.
Mr Johnston said the company would be mining very deep water at depths of 1600 metres.
"The environmental foot print of sea floor mine is much smaller than surface mine. You won’t even see it on the surface," he said.
Mr Johnston had expressed satisfaction over the environmental work which had been done by the company so far stating: "It was going really well."
While he did not elaborate on what it entailed he stated that the company was working closely with relevant authorities.
He stated that upon arrival at the provincial capital of New Ireland - Kavieng, that he had attended a development forum which had been hosted by the Governor Sir Julius Chan and had given an undertaking of an independent monitoring of the site that they would be mining.
"Because it is 1600 metres down you don’t see anything and the impacts don’t rise more than 200 metres," Johnston said. Post Courier
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