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Ramu NiCo conducts training for businesses

RAMU NiCo Management’s has provided training to local companies to engage them to provide technical services to operations of the project, an official says.
Basamuk refinery production general manager Jack Luping said the company’s mission in PNG was not just to extract nickel and cobalt laterite but to the serve local community.
Luping made the comment recently while welcoming a Lae-based registered training organisation (RTO), Multi Skills Services Ltd (MSSL) to carry out crane training and scaffold inspection at the mine’s refinery site in Madang.
“Ramu NiCo’s headquarter is not in Beijing but is in Madang. We are a PNG based company and want to cooperate with other local companies who have the technical skills and capacities to help achieve our aim of high safety standard and production efficiency,” he said.
Equipment department manager Jack Lei said: “By engaging PNG national companies to provide services to our operation will help grow the local economy as well as the local businesses.
“Knowing that our help goes back to the community, it is gives us a great pleasure and desire to involve many national companies who have technical expertise and capabilities in the field of environment and safety assessment, third party inspection on equipment and inspect and certify high pressure vessels among others.”
MSSL director Shadrach Anderson said it was encouraging to see Ramu NiCo continue to engage national owned companies to provide technical services.
“Not many mining and petroleum or manufacturing companies in PNG are engaging local companies like ours to provide technical services,” he said.
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