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Location settled for Gulf LNG plant

THE venture partners in the PRL 15 Elk/Antelope gas field in Gulf have come up with location for the project’s central processing facility and plant site.
According to an announcement last Friday, the central processing facility on which the project was based, would be near Purari River in Gulf, about 360km north-west of Port Moresby, and would be connected to the LNG facility by onshore and offshore gas and condensate pipelines.
Caution Bay near Port Moresby had been selected as the site for PNG’s second liquefied natural gas plant.
The project would be known as Papua LNG. To be operated by Total SA and partners InterOil and Oil Search, the companies would further refine site locations and pipeline corridors as part of project development.
Managing director of Total E&P PNG Ltd, Philippe Blanchard, told The National via email that the decision was milestone for the joint venture partners.
“It is a milestone that was expected and allows the joint venture to move forward to the next step of studies to keep the project on track.
“Several activities and studies are already running in parallel to deliver this project as soon as possible.
“The choices made for sites location are meant to have a technically sound and cost effective project for the benefits of the Papua New Guinea people.
“Selection of final development concept, including size and capacity of facilities, was expected in early 2016 when appraisal of Elk-Antelope field has been completed.
“This would be followed by front-end engineering and design with early works scheduled to begin later in 2016.”
InterOil chief executive officer Dr Michael Hession said the venture would now enter basis of design,
a significant milestone for the project.
“Sites were chosen for their technical, economic and environmental benefits and followed extensive surveys and studies by Total over the past year,” Hession said. The National
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