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Insurance company BIMA keen on providing good service

BIMA is committed to providing reliable and affordable insurance services to Papua New Guineans, a company official says.
BIMA is an international insurance company that provide reliable and affordable life and hausick insurance services to subscribers around the world.
Country manager Simon Schwall told The National that “insurance is a very important aspects of human life and what we have seen is that there are very few people who have insurance in Papua New Guinea”.
“People who have job employment and bank accounts were able to have life and medical insurance while the majority of the people do not,” Schwall said.
“We came here to offer insurance to everyone here in PNG that is affordable and reliable that everyone can afford.
“Anyone who does not have a bank account or a job can still afford comfortably with little money in their mobile phones to have Life Insurance and Hausick Insurance with BIMA.
“Our customers have subscriber to the insurance service through the phone or through meeting some of our staffs at our stalls on the streets.
“We already have more than 150,000 customers throughout PNG.
“A lot of them have both life insurance and hausick insurance, so in total we have about 248,000 customers. But in terms of unique customers (only one insurance services) we have 150,000.
“We are committed to helping the people in times of need and are determined to continue providing affordable and reliable insurance services to the country.”
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