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Oil Search offers to help resolve issues

OIL Search is willing to facilitate negotiations between parties over any grievances, a company spokesperson says.
It follows an attempt by landowners in Southern Highlands to shut down the Moran operations over royalty and benefit-related issues with the Government. 
Homa Paua People’s Association chairman Pape Punga on Monday said the Government failed to meet their long-standing demands by avoiding any formal dialogue since April. 
Punga urged the State through the Department of Petroleum and Energy to fast-track their demands.
An official in the Department of Petroleum and Energy said “many of the concerns raised by the landowners were before the court and the department was not at liberty to disclose any information at the moment”.
Oil Search said its operation at Moran was disrupted by the locals in the early hours of last Sunday but no major incidents were reported and the operations at the three well heads were continuing. The National
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