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Chan confident seabed mining will start soon

MINING Minister Byron Chan is confident that the mining of copper and gold on the seafloor in Bismarck Sea will start soon.
He recently visited Newcastle in the United Kingdom to witness Nautilus Minerals offshore mining tools being manufactured and assembled. 
“The offshore mining tools are huge and are about to be completed. I can say with confidence now that I have seen and witnessed these equipment myself that seafloor mining within the Bismarck Sea is soon to become a reality,” he said.
Chan was referring to the construction and assembling of the three seafloor mining tools – the auxiliary cutter, the bulk cutter and the collector. He said it was satisfying to witness the seafloor mining tools being assembled.
“The advent of this technology being developed by Soil Machine Dynamics Ltd of Newcastle in the UK for Nautilus and the Government of PNG is nothing short of impressive,” he said.
“I commend SMD for their engineering and design expertise in delivering these tools. 
“I take pride in the fact that we are not only developing these tools for ourselves but for all mankind who will benefit from their application in future and we the people of PNG are taking a leadership position in this new frontier of offshore mining,” Chan said.
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