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PNG Government has not address Porgera Gold Mine landowners issues

THE Justice Foundation for Porgera says the National Government has not addressed claims by the landowners of the Porgera gold mine in Enga.
Chairman Jonathan Paraia said the foundation was formed to seek justice for the landowners who had suffered “significant and irreparable losses” as a result of the social, economic and environmental damage caused by the mine over the past 25 years.
He said a claim was lodged in a position statement with the Mining Minister in 2013.
“As detailed in the position statement, the landowners claim that the mining development contract and the special mining lease issued on May 12, 1989, are invalid and therefore null and void,” Paraia said.
“These documents have had no legal effect since the documents were signed.”
He added that the landowners claimed the Porgera Joint Venture had been trespassing on their land for more than 25 years.
Paraia said the State Solicitor replied to the position statement last year “but failed to sufficiently or adequately” address the landowners’ claims.
Paraia said the foundation informed the Minister for Mining that the State Solicitor’s response to the position statement was misconceived.
“It did not address the claims made by the landowners, contained errors of fact and law and was evasive,” he said. The National
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