Highlands Pacific inspects Ramu mine

A JOINT venture partner in the Ramu nickel mine in Madang, Highlands Pacific Limited (HPL), last week did a general inspection on how the mine plant and the equipment are maintained and operated.

 HPL general manager projects, Peter Jolly and consultant Steve Chadwick spent a few days carrying out inspection at the Ramu NiCo mine plant at Butua covering the mobile maintenance workshop, the beneficiation plant, the chromite separation plant and other technical areas with a specific intent of seeing how the plant and equipment is maintained.

 Mr Jolly explained that following the inspection they will produce a high level report which is meant to be consultative and helpful to the operation.

"Highlands Pacific is a joint venture partner and has an interest in seeing the plant running well and producing maximum output at minimum cost," he said.

 HPL’s advise in terms of technical improvements and operations will complement MCC-Groups recent requirement towards Ramu NiCo Project to improve its technical capabilities and its aim to be one of the competent nickel/cobalt producers in the world.

 In the past, HPL had used other consultants to perform similar exercises both at KBK Mine and Basamuk Refinery.

 Mr Jolly said HPL’s capacity as a JV partner is to make regular visits to both KBK Mine and Basamuk Refinery to inspect progress and offer help and advise where appropriate.

 During general inspection, Mr Chadwick, who is a metallurgist, found that Ramu NiCo KBK Mine operation is achieving its desired outcomes and the equipment chosen is conducive for the mine’s successful operational.

 However, their report would point towards various potential improvements in planning and spare parts control.
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